Get to know GoMeat Token

  1. Backed by real use case and an operational business in the USA generating a gross volume of $320K+ in 2021 alone
  2. Catering to $1.8 trillion global industry
  3. Limited supply of 5 million tokens only
  4. Excellent deflationary economy to ensure your token increases in value over time
  5. Many utilities and offers on the GoMeat platform

GoMeat features

  • Digital specialty meat certifications, integration with specialty certification authorities to create blockchain based smart contracts to validate certification validity for the stores. The smart contract validated certificates will be available inside the apps under each store for the customers to view.
  • Customers will receive full transparency about a store’s certification status
  • Every step of the specialty meat supply chain will be tracked and documented on blockchain to provide full transparency and visibility about the animal’s origin, living conditions, health and slaughtering method.

GoMeat Blockchain Functions

  • Collect all certificate information from Certificate data repository.
  • Establish a secure connection Certificate data repository provider and update Certificate info frequently.
  • Store all the retail owner’s information and certification info in our blockchain application.
  • Create a blockchain API to connect with GoMeat marketplace and display smart certification in the app for customer view.
  • Share public key with 3rd party and Retail owners for each independent certificate.
  • Retail owner certification validation.
  • Onboarded validation.
  • Certification cancellation or suspension validation: Monitor and control.
  • Certification renewal validation.

Deflationary Tokenomics:

  1. 4% of the 2022 revenue is currently being burnt on a monthly basis (As of May 9, 16,378.473 GOMT have been burned already).
  2. 5% of the 2023 revenue will be burnt on a quarterly basis.
  3. Burning rate from 2024 onwards will be decided based on revenue amount, quarterly financial reports will be released to keep the community updated.
  4. Once GoMeat hits $3 million in gross volume, then an additional 3% GoMeat revenue will be burnt every quarter.
  5. Additional tokens for burning will be bought from exchanges if needed
  6. Additional 3% will be burnt for every order placed using GOMT.

About GoMeat




Empowering The Specialty Meat Industry! The first specialty meat & grocery ordering service.

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Empowering The Specialty Meat Industry! The first specialty meat & grocery ordering service.

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