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Here is why you should invest in the utility token revolutionizing $1.8 trillion industry

GoMeat token is owned by GoMeat Services, the only blockchain based online ordering and delivery services catering to $1.8 trillion global (halal+ Kosher) market, already in operations since 2019 in United States with 900+ stores operating in 26 States with 10,000+ orders processed todate, generating a gross volume of $320K+ in 2021 alone. We are solving a real-life problem of everyday consumers of halal and kosher, offering them traceability and transparency of the meat, food and groceries leveraging Hydra blockchain. We have already proven our use case and are in the process of expansion in the United States and globally as per our roadmap.

GOMT is a utility token offering enormous value proposition to all their stakeholders, such as customers (convenience and reliability) stores (digitalization, increase in revenues and operational efficiencies) and token holders (Trade GOMT or use it on the GoMeat platform to avail discounts on their purchases). Want to learn more about GOMT? Here are the key features:

  1. Backed by real use case and an operational business in the USA generating a gross volume of $320K+ in 2021 alone

GoMeat Token had a 100% sold out ICO and listed on Hydra Dex. With only ~1.9 million GOMT in circulation at the moment, an elaborate burn mechanism and excellent value proposition, GOMT is bound to increase in value. GOMT had its debut listing on BitMart and is now available for trading (13 May 2022, 5:00 AM EDT). GOMT listed at an opening price of $0.90 with USDT/GOMT trading pair and a liquidity pool of 50k USDT | 55555 GOMT. To promote the listing event, GoMeat will be carrying out multiple trading competitions and launch a staking program etc. All updates on the upcoming events will be shared through GoMeat Twitter and Telegram Channel. As a result of the new listing and other opportunities that are coming our way, we believe GOMTs potential has reached a new level.

GoMeat features

The growing global specialty food industry has led to a high demand for specialty certification services by third party certification authorities. High demand for certification services in combination with a decentralized form of accreditation by Specialty Board and inability to support the specialty industry efficiently has shown cracks in the conventional specialty certification model, which has become costly, inefficient, fraudulent and risky. GoMeat phase 3 will introduce the following features:

  • Digital specialty meat certifications, integration with specialty certification authorities to create blockchain based smart contracts to validate certification validity for the stores. The smart contract validated certificates will be available inside the apps under each store for the customers to view.

GoMeat Blockchain Functions

GoMeat (GOMT) is a deflationary utility token with a limited supply of 5 million GOMT ever and about only 1.9 Million GOMT in circulation. GoMeat Blockchain application will be based on the Hydra Chain platform and will perform the following functions:

  • Collect all certificate information from Certificate data repository.

Deflationary Tokenomics:

GoMeat Token has an elaborate burning mechanism, increasing the token value with each burn. Key features are as follows:

  1. 4% of the 2022 revenue is currently being burnt on a monthly basis (As of May 9, 16,378.473 GOMT have been burned already).

About GoMeat

GoMeat is a marketplace leveraging blockchain technology, connecting consumers with specialty retail meat stores that primarily offer fresh Halal and Kosher meat products such as red meat, poultry and seafood. Specialty meat is not available in traditional grocery stores in the US and other Western countries. It is only available in certified specialty retail stores. There are more than 10,000 halal meat stores in North America alone. Currently, the global halal and kosher market is estimated at over $1.8 trillion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $2.2 trillion by 2024. The halal food market in the US alone is estimated at over $32 Billion and is showing an aggressive annual growth. Over 90% of existing Halal and Kosher stores do not have an online presence, GoMeat extends their presence online by including options for electronic payments in usual fiat currencies. In addition, it will also provide small-scale store owners with the mechanism and tools to deliver their meat products to consumer’s doorsteps. To learn more and stay updated, please visit our Website, follow our Twitter and join our Telegram



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