GoMeat Annual Performance Report 2022 — Key Updates

The GoMeat Management Team could not be prouder to present our Annual Performance Report for 2022 to all of our GoMeat “Steakholders”.

Read the full version of this report here: https://gomeat.io/pdf/Annual%20Performance%20Report_20221.pdf


What a memorable post-covid year for the world economies we have lived through in 2022, with back-to-back significant events impacting businesses and individuals, specifically shaping up the crypto world and defining its future direction. We are pleased to report that, despite the relentless crypto winters that have tested many and negatively impacted thousands of blockchain companies, GoMeat has not only survived but has made significant progress in accordance with our roadmap and is ready for the next phase. Even with these significant headwinds, which we have encountered from all directions jeopardizing our multiple initiatives and projects, we have achieved phenomenal future-defining milestones.

Achievements, Opportunities and Progress Update

A huge shoutout to every member of the GoMeat Team, be it from Marketing or Graphic Designs, Customer Services & Operations, Store On-Boarding, Technology Platform Development, or Finance & Accounting. Each one of us came together as one single unstoppable team, resilient against all threats and has contributed significantly to the historic achievements of many of our pre-defined milestones.

Following is the list of some of our progress items and achievements which we will review one by one:

  • GOMT/MetaMask/Crypto Wallet Integration with GoMeat Apps

GOMT / Metamask / Crypto Wallet Integration with GoMeat Apps

We are ecstatic to report that GoMeat APPs are now fully integrated with METAMASK Wallet making us the FIRST company in the world where our customers can place meat, food or groceries order using our own GOMT tokens. We believe that no other on-demand ordering and delivery services offer such payment integration as of now. This is an incredible achievement defining GoMeat future. As a next step, we are looking forward to defining and push marketing campaigns for adoption of GOMT by our customers, providing them real utility of the token along with numerous benefits and discounts which they can avail by using GOMT tokens. We believe that the adoption may take some time and is subject to marketing fund availability, but this can result in significant and consistent buying pressure of GOMT tokens.

We are also happy to report that besides the GOMT Token, we have also integrated our GoMeat Apps with Coinbase Payments which means that our customers can place orders using other crypto currencies including BTC and ETH as well.

Following is a screen recording of ordering with payment via GOMT on GoMeat App:


GoMeat — Core Business Summary for 2022

Despite all economic downtrends, rising costs and threats, we have kept our attention on fundamental business and the implementation of our growth strategy. With the increased availability of specialty meat through GoMeat, our customer base has grown to 5,541 in 2022. We are now proudly serving in 43 US States with over 2000+ active stores and restaurants available on our platform. During the third quarter, our platform generated over $172k in gross revenue and over $513k gross revenue in 2022.

Key Statistics & Financial Snapshot

While we keep our focus on fundamental business and technology optimization, our gradual expansion into new regions within the United States, as well as our goal of bringing more stores onto our platform in 2023 will continue. We have significantly reduced our marketing spend on GoMeat promotions since the start of the year which may have an impact on our overall 2023 gross revenues. Thanks to our fundamental business operations, we expect our operations to sustain for foreseeable future, subject to general market and business risks. In the meanwhile, subject to positive market sentiments and the uptrend in crypto economies our ongoing efforts with multiple prospects will continue to define and strategize the next phase of expansion along with our approach for the next round of funding where we believe that timing will play an instrumental role for a decision towards any specific direction. As per our commitment to transparency, we will keep our community at the forefront of any such decision.

GoMeat Presence in the USA

TOP 10 Performing Stores

GoMeat Technology Platform Upgrade

The GoMeat Technology Platform upgrade was completed in Q4 of 2022. The new platform was launched with exclusive discounts. The improved platform provides our customers, merchants, and drivers with various new features and functionality:

  • Integration with crypto wallets, making it easier to place orders using GOMT and other significant cryptocurrencies

To ensure the efficiency of the promotional campaign, discounts codes were shared with customers via phone, SMS, emails, and social media. We received an incredible response to the app upgrade and holiday promotional offers; the highest number of orders were placed between November and December 2022.

GoMeat Corporate Presence Overview

To prepare our future expansion and capacity building, we are proud to report that GoMeat now have legal corporate presence and offices in following 4 strategic regions:

  1. North America

GOMT — Updated Tokenomics as of Dec 31, 2022

Monthly GOMT Tokens Burn Schedule
At the start 2022 the GOMT monthly burn rate was increased to 4%. In 2022, 39,862.75 GOMT were burnt in total, with the highest value of burn in December 2022. Following are the details for the monthly burn rate for the year:

Burn percentage for 2023 has been increased from 4% to 5% in January 2023.

BitMart Listing

GoMeat Token had its debut CEX listing on BitMart on May 13, 2022, at an opening price of $0.90 with USDT/GOMT trading pair. GOMT Token has done exceptionally well over 2022 as compared to several other cryptocurrencies and has kept a steady value despite the overall market condition.

Hydra-Ethereum Bridge and Hydra Staking Incentives

What value does this bridge bring to GoMeat

Thanks to the cross-chain Hydra-Ethereum bridge developed by the Hydra block chain team, GOMT HRC 20 tokens can now be traded with ERC 20 tokens and vice versa. This is a major development that has allowed the GoMeat token to be available to a larger Ethereum community, which can now easily interact with GOMT with only a few clicks.

  1. Cross-chain swaps

The One-Year Hydra Staking Incentive Plan concluded on August 13, 2022, generating a total of 20,802 Hydra, equivalent to over 99K GOMT as a reward. These tokens were distributed amongst our key supporters — ICO investors in proportion to their Hydra investments in the GoMeat ICO.

Meaty — The Staking BOT: GoMeat staking bot was created to report Hydra staking rewards daily. The bot posted a complete report of the previous day in our Telegram community. Investors were able to see blocks mined, Hydra staking reward, estimated cumulative Hydra staking reward and total GOMT equivalent in these reports.

PinkSale Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) and UniSwap Listing

Using the Hydra-Ethereum bridge, GoMeat raised $75,000 through PinkSale ILO to provide liquidity on UniSwap. GoMeat ran the first ever 100% sold out USDT ILO on PinkSale, which due to technical issues on PinkSale’s end could not be finalized. Our primary goal with this ILO was to list on UniSwap — the world’s largest decentralized exchange- so that GoMeat can reach people all over the world.

Regardless of the technical roadblock, GoMeat was able to list on UniSwap and reach one of the largest communities in the crypto world — the Ethereum community through UniSwap’s large user-base. We believe it has been a great starting point for us to introduce GoMeat to a much larger customer-base. Currently, we have temporary closed our USDT/GOMT liquidity pool on UniSwap and are in the process of re-defining our GOMT ERC20/ UNISWAP strategy. We will get back to our community with more updates in this regard.

GoMeat App on MagicSquare

We are constantly working towards making the GoMeat app a household name among crypto users. To reach this goal, in a collaborative effort, GoMeat has launched its customer app on Magic Square. https://magic.store/app/gomeat

The Magic Store is a Web3 App Store solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize participation and engagement of users and validators.

GoMeat MeatyVerse

With everything available under a single roof, the first GoMeat Store in MeatyVerse is the market of your dreams! It features an easy to navigate layout with isles and shelves featuring real-life products available on stores onboarded with GoMeat. Check prices of available items, buy them or simply look through. The store also features shortcuts to useful documents and links as well as NFTs and activities containing GoMeat facts and discount codes.

The MeatyVerse, with its complete features, is pushed to be launched sometimes in 2023 subject to funds availability. The Launch event will feature many activities for the customers including giveaways, discount codes and a chance to win exciting prizes.

Planned Functionalities & Features

  • Buy groceries, meat or meals from your favorite local restaurants and have them delivered to your doorstep IRL.

GoMeat on Roblox: With GoMeat’s own Metaverse, MeatyVerse development still underway, we have brought to you the chance to experience GoMeatyVerse through Roblox. Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create, share experiences with friends, and be anything you can imagine.

Functionalities & Features

  • Interact and socialize with other users in the GoMeatyVerse.

Explore the GoMeat store on Roblox here:


GoMeat Sponsored & Attended Events

  • BitCoin2022: In April 2022, GoMeat participated in Bitcoin 2022. In the heart of Florida, during the 4-day long convention at Miami Convention Center, the GoMeat team was able to network and connect with several prospects and Tier 1 exchanges as well as introduced GoMeat to a large audience.




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