GoMeat has a New Look!

Experience the new GoMeat website today!

GoMeat has an exciting website update to share with all of you. GoMeatServices.com and GoMeat.io have now been unified so you can experience all of GoMeat goodness in one place. Place an order, go through your staking dashboard or simply keep an eye on the updates. Log on to GoMeat.io today and find it all on one platform.

If you wish to place an order, click on the “Order Now” button on the upper right corner and you will be redirected to the ordering page.

Our ICO investors can click on “GOMT” button the home page or go to https://gomeat.io/gomt and click on the “Login to ICO Panel” button.

You will be taken to the ICO Panel login page (https://gomeat.io/icopanel/login) where you can enter your ICO Panel log in details and access your staking dashboard.

You can also read updates and blog on the new website. (https://gomeat.io/blog). Head on to the website now and explore the fresh new features.

GoMeat — Empowering the specialty meat industry.



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