GoMeat ICO — Officially Closed


GoMeat is first of its kind business venture catering to the $1.7 trillion global (Halal+ Kosher) market, already in operations in the United States with 400+ stores on-boarded on the GoMeat platform with 6,000+ orders processed, generating a gross volume of $300k+ in 2020.

GoMeat Token — GOMT is a deflationary utility token, with a limited supply of 5 million, offering an enormous value proposition to all our stakeholders, such as:

  • Convenience and reliability to customers.

GOMT Pre-Sale launched on the 24th of June, 2021, over a period of 2 weeks, the GOMT reached 25% of its soft cap. The pre-ICO intended to run till August 24, 2021, ended 2 weeks early with 100% of 400K GOMT in the Pre-ICO selling out.

GoMeat was overjoyed to share that just like the Pre-ICO, GoMeat ICO TIER 1 had also SOLD OUT before the deadline. ICO Tier 1 completely sold out 5 days before the deadline, giving our ICO a big boost in the right direction.

Moving forward, GoMeat officially launched ICO Tier 2 with a change that our valued community asked for — A change in price by 10%. (1 GOMT = $1.10) GoMeat ICO Tier 2 closed with over 87% of the GOMT intended to sell. GoMeat finally entered the last stage of its main event — ICO Tier 3. All unsold tokens from Tier 2 moved to Tier 3, making the total GOMT for ICO Tier 3 295,500 (250k+45.5k)

GoMeat ICO Tier 3 planned to run for a total of 20 days but SOLD OUT 5 days early marking the early end of the ICO main event.

We know there are a lot of burning questions. Jot them down and have them answered at the AMA session this Wednesday with a $150 prize pool!

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