GoMeat Quarterly Update — Q1, 2022

GoMeat Business Expansion:

Our primary focus has remained on business fundamentals and execution of our growth strategy. With tremendous efforts being put in short time by our amazing team, our customer base has increased and is nearing 5,000 total customers with Specialty meat now more accessible than ever before. We have added about 400 new stores in Q1 only and with 900+ total operational stores on our platform, GoMeat is available and serving in 26 States in the USA. With these stores in Q1 alone we have processed 1,428 orders and have generated a gross volume of $157,307.

Listing on CEX:

To reiterate our commitment, listing on a Tier 1 exchange is a priority and an integral part of our long-term plan and success. We understand that the community want this sooner but as a genuine project already in operations and with a real-life blockchain use-case, we still need to abide by the policies and dynamics dictating the current crypto exchange listing landscape. From the GoMeat management team, we can assure that incredible efforts have been made and no stone left unturned to fulfill this quest sooner than later. In this quarter, we were successful to find right connections and meet representatives of some Tier 1 Exchanges and pitch GoMeat to them. While the listing / integration fees have been raised exorbitantly in recent months by some Tier 1 Exchanges but apart from fees and a thorough due diligence process, in the end it comes down to some key stats such as high volumes, number of wallets and a following by a larger community.

GOMT Burn Status:

At the start 2022 the GOMT monthly burn rate was increased to 4%. So far, 14,607 GOMT have been burnt in total, with 8,952.77 amounting for Q1, 2022 only. Following are the details for the monthly burn rate for first quarter of 2022:

Events and Shows:

With our objective to promote GoMeat, create strong brand awareness and presence , GoMeat plans to take part in multiple blockchain focused events. In April 2022, we participated in Bitcoin 2022. In the heart of Florida, during the 4-day long convention at Miami Convention Center, the GoMeat team was able to network and connect with investors and Tier 1 exchanges as well as introduce GoMeat to a large audience.

Upcoming Events:

In the upcoming months, we are participating in two significant events in the United States. Our preparations are in full swing to get the best out of these events. We have a specific objective to achieve from each of the event. We are also happy to update that we have been able to arrange US Business Visa on behalf of GoMeat for some of our non-US based employees and we look forward to welcome them to support the promotion of GoMeat in these upcoming events. We encourage our community members to participate and meet our founders and team members in person. These events are:

Other Notable Initiatives:

Our teams continue to diligently spend time and efforts in following other notable initiatives:

  1. Our website www.gomeat.io has been revitalized and we have consolidated with a new look and feel. If you have not visited in a while, please do so and feel free to provide your valuable comments.
  • Graphic Designer
  • Store & Driver On-Boarding Specialist
  • Customer Services Reps
  • Finance & Admin
  • Tech resources

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