GoMeat x BitMart Listing & the Quarter Ahead

4 min readFeb 1, 2022

Since the conclusion of GoMeat ICO, the burning question within the community has been “when” and “where” the CEX listing will be happening! From day 1, the GoMeat Team goal has been to enlist GOMT on a top tier exchange irrespective of the costs and efforts it takes. The team has a detailed roadmap for how we will be achieving this and they have been hard at work ever since.

On 16th of November 2021, GoMeat successfully launched on Hydra DEX thus providing the community an avenue to buy more GOMT. To reach our Tier 1 exchange goal, an integral step in the way is to list on a CEX so we can increase our wallet holders and create more brand awareness. On 3 December 2021, GoMeat made the highly anticipated announcement of listing on BitMart in February of 2022. The BitMart listing is still on the calendar albeit with a change of date. Read on to learn more!

BitMart Listing in April 2022:

An integral part of our roadmap has been to list on an exchange to allow us to gain exposure and wallet holders which can help us take GOMT to the next level. Initially, our BitMart listing was scheduled to take place in February 2022 but this has been rescheduled for April 2022 and we believe this will work out for the best in the long run.

Reason Behind Delay:

The BitMart CEX recently had some security concerns arise which they managed very well and covered any losses that incurred. As a proactive approach, the team has decided to focus on security updates due to which their technology team is completely tied up. This impacts GOMT more so than the other tokens as our listing is dependent on Hydra integration into the BitMart platform which currently their team cannot accommodate due to their platform updates. As a result, GoMeat will now be listed on BitMart in April 2022 at the earliest.

The Silver Lining:

While the news may come off as disappointing for some community members but the GoMeat team is on top of the situation and will ensure that these extra two months are used to our advantage. Some silver linings include:

  • Given the current market trends, listing right now would have been a highly lacklustre maiden debut for GOMT. The additional two months will hopefully see the market in a better place thus allow GOMT to make a more exciting CEX debut
  • GoMeat Team has been in constant communication with the BitMart representatives and they have assured us that they are listing GOMT at the earliest possible date. BitMart understands that this delay has affected our listing timelines and so they will be providing us with additional marketing opportunities to ensure that GoMeat receives excellent pre-and post-launch marketing. These include email blasts, app banners, website banners, media coverage etc
  • Meanwhile, the team has been hard at work and converting our existing customer base into wallet holders and aligning with our marketing partners to ensure that we capitalise on these additional weeks. We have made good progress with the customer to wallet holder conversion and will be updating the community at the end of this quarter.
  • It is important to note here that while the team is completely focused on achieving our 2022 goals and increasing the number of wallets, in parallel we are in constant communication with Tier 1 exchanges and will keep pursuing this goal

Withdrawal from Bitcoin 2022 Event:

GoMeat registered for Bitcoin 2022 as a sponsor and the team had been working round the clock to get all the graphics, booth items and other promotional materials ready in time. With a February listing, we were aiming to fully capitalise on the networking and exposure that Bitcoin 2022 event would provide.

Reasons for Withdrawal:

  • Bitcoin 2022 is slated to take place from April 9 till April 11 2022 while our BitMart listing will probably be mid of April at the earliest. Keeping this in mind, we believe we will not be able to market ourselves as we had planned and thus it is in our best interest to withdraw from Bitcoin 2022. In parallel, the team has been in communication with other similar events which are better suited to our listing timeline
  • Bitcoin event draws large crowds of bitcoin enthusiasts from around the world. As a bitcoin accepting operational business, we were confident in our ability to stand out in the crowd and spread awareness about our brand and services. But recent talks with the event management have revealed that the policies around promotion of non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies have been made more stringent this time around. As a result, we cannot promote GOMT in any capacity and neither mention our blockchain certification. This is a major deciding factor in our withdrawal as our blockchain certification is integral to our business case and sets us apart from other delivery services.

Our Next Steps:

  • Aligning with our marketing partners and team to focus on GOMT marketing in the next few weeks before BitMart listing
  • GoMeat will be a sponsor at Consensus 2022, an event attended by representatives of many global Tier 1 exchanges. The agenda and timing of the event is ideal for our goals and will provide us ample opportunities to showcase GOMT and what we have achieved so far
  • Completing wallet integration in Q1 and rolling platform updates
  • Onboarding stores and drivers as per our roadmap
  • Increasing number of wallet holders by focusing on our GoMeat services customers
  • Reaching out to other cryptocurrency events which align better with our timelines

Despite a change in plans and some timelines, GoMeat Team is confident that these will not impact our 2022 goals and the team is steadfast in hitting all of the set milestones!




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