Health benefits of specialty meat — Why are people opting for it?

2 min readMay 11, 2021

Many people chose to eat Halal food even though they are not Muslims because of the strict ethical requirements that food items must follow to be considered Halal. According to conscientious consumers, Halal food has many health and ethical advantages.

Health Benefits:

  • Halal from the very start — Risk-free!

Food safety and hygiene are prioritized in Halal cuisine. This also ensures that there is a lower risk of food contamination. Animals raised on Halal farms are raised uniquely because Halal farmers must follow the rules and regulations defined by their religion. Halal farmers refrain from using antibiotics and pesticides that many other profit-driven farms do, the livestock is well-treated and fed safe and clean diets. So you have happier and healthier animals! Furthermore, Muslims who prepare the food are bound by the same Halal rules, so they must provide food that meets the highest hygiene and cleanliness requirements.

  • Draining blood means Fewer Toxins!

The blood from the animal is filtered out when the jugular vein is sliced, which aids in the removal of all sorts of unhealthy compounds from the meat. Blood contains elevated amounts of uric acid, which, if ingested, can be very harmful to the human body. The extra steps of science-based precautions against contamination make the meat healthier. According to research, meat from animals slaughtered by means other than halal and kosher contains risks of e-coli poisoning, bacteria, and other hazardous substances because blood is an excellent medium for bacterial growth. This also means that the halal/kosher meat contains no clotted blood hence it stays fresh and not to mention — very tasty.

This list could go on and on and bring you back to the same conclusion — Halal and Kosher are safer, healthier, a lot more delicious.

But why are people apart from the Muslims and Jews also opting for these specialty meats — It is as ethical as it gets.

  • Animals are raised in clean environments to promote their disease-free development because sick animals can not be slaughtered under the religious obligations
  • The slaughtering is done so in a way that is quick and swift — this overall decreases the suffering of the animal.

However, with the kind of growth the industry is seeing, consumers are becoming less and less assured of these standards.

Stay tuned to see how GoMeat aims at fixing this and look out for our next blog on uplifting specialty stores, coming soon! 👀




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