How To Stake GoMeat

2 min readMay 22, 2023


The GoMeat Staking Program is live

Over the past 12 hours, over 200k GOMT have already been staked.
Only 300k of the 500k GOMT are now available, so hurry up and stake your GOMT in a few simple steps:

1- Go to and log in with your GoMeat ICO dashboard credentials.

2- Once you are logged in, you will land on the staking request form containing details and terms of the GoMeat Staking Program. Make sure you read the terms and choose the duration you will be staking for. Once you have read the terms, make sure to check off the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above” box, as the request will not proceed without it.

3- Once you are ready, enter the amount of GOMT you wish to take and select your preferred staking term from the two options given in the drop-down list: 180 days OR 360 days with 4% and 10% APR, respectively. You will see your estimated reward on the screen.

4- Copy GoMeat wallet address given in the field below and transfer your GOMT to it. Enter the wallet address you used to make the transfer in the field next to it. This helps us identify that it is indeed your wallet.

5- After you have successfully made the transfer, enter the transaction ID (txid) in the last field and hit submit. We will reviw your request and approve it once we have successfully recieved your GOMT.

6- You will receive your reward along with the GOMT you staked in the wallet address you provide here once the staking term matures.

Read more about the staking program here: ttps://




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