Exclusive 20% Bonus; Pre-Order Your GOMT

Hassle-free purchase!

Here at GoMeat, we are doing our best to make the process of buying GOMT smooth and trouble-free for our community.

Keeping in consideration our pre-ICO selling out two weeks before the deadline and the large number of requests we’re receiving, we’re now taking pre-orders for GOMT ICO Tier 1. The good news doesn't just end there! We know some of you missed out on our pre-ICO so we are offering exclusive 20% BONUS on all orders placed in the first 48 hours (25 - 26 August). We know you do not want to miss out on this special offer this time, which is why we have introduced pre-orders for the main event!

ICO Tier 1 comprises 15% of the total, corresponding to 750,000 GOMT. In Tier 1, you will be able to avail 15% bonus on purchases. The referral reward system is applicable to all ICO Tiers on every new sign-up. (First transaction ONLY)

Here’s how it will work:

🔸When you pre-order GOMT, the number of tokens you order is reserved for you. You’d be able to make your purchase without having to worry about tokens selling out.

🔸 Before the ICO is launched, an order according to your request will manually be created against your user.

🔸After the sales are open, you will be able to find a pending order under the “transactions” tab. Simply click on the “pay” button and proceed to pay.

🔸Share the transaction ID/Hash with any of our admins via Telegram, Support Chat, or Email (support@gomeat.io) for quick approval.

🔸 Once approved, you’d be able to see your GOMT on your dashboard.

Please note that an approved KYC is a requirement for pre-order.

Pre-order NOW:


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