Q2, 2022 UPDATES

7 min readAug 6, 2022

Updates about our exciting new venture!

2022 so far has been a challenging year in the world of crypto but it has also been one of learning and growth. In a turbulent market, with tumultuous feelings, many promising projects have drowned in the long crypto-winter while many have managed to stay afloat. GoMeat has not only remained strong through this period, but has continued moving forward with our expansion plan. Besides our fundamental business growth, on the technology adoption and development side, GoMeat has made significant leaps of its own and we are very happy to report the following exciting updates on that front:

Business Fundamentals

Despite the on-going crypto economic down-turn, we have remained focused on business fundamentals and execution of our growth strategy. Our customer base has now crossed over 5,000, with specialty meat more accessible than ever before. We also have 1,500 total operational stores on our platform and GoMeat continues to be available and serving in 26 States in the USA. Gross volume generated via our platform for Q2 is $130k+. We are happy to report that we are on track to accomplish the target of brining 2,000 stores on our platform by the end of the year and as well as to expand in new territories within the United States.

Besides rising specialty meat prices, marketing and promotions is still one of our most significant challenges and we are working hard to find innovative ways to market and promote GoMeat and to spread the word across communities and regions. With a continued push for rapid expansion to reach our goal of 2,000 stores on our platform, our efforts will be concentrated for a cost-effective marketing and promotion strategy. With current economic situation as well as rising inflation, we are conservative on our spending especially on marketing and promotions.

We are also happy to report that upgrade of the GoMeat Technology Platform is well in progress. We are currently in testing phase and plan to complete the development and launch by early Q4, 2022. The upgraded platform will only offer additional features for our customers, stores, and drivers but also feature integration with crypto wallets, facilitating ordering via GOMT and other notable cryptocurrencies.

After our successful participation in Consensus 2022 event, we have been able to connect and pitch GoMeat to a few key investing institutions and Tier 1 exchanges. There have been fruitful and exciting conversations taking place but at a very slow pace due to the current economic downturn and negative crypto environment. We expect this to continue for a while, but we remain attentive and ready to address any questions and queries from these interested parties time to time. We have a strong belief in GoMeat and its value proposition offerings supported by strong ongoing execution of our expansion plan. We are not only patiently focused on the growth of our business fundamentals but also continue to launch amazing initiatives during this crypto winter. In this regard we are proud and happy to share below updates.

The MeatyVerse

Over the past year, as the Metaverse has gained industry “buzzword” status, marketing initiatives have proliferated, but also blurred together. According to recent research by Vice Media Group and Razorfish, Generation Z spends twice as much time socializing in the Metaverse as they do in real life. Therefore, proving that the Metaverse is more than just a concept and is here to stay.

Large retail brands, such as restaurant chains, are beginning to recognize the full potential of the Metaverse as they stake their claims in the virtual world by filing trademarks and building stores to enter the Metaverse.

Continuing its legacy of being one-of-a-kind and truly innovative, GoMeat’s forays into the Metaverse step beyond simply running a virtual activation and instead offers tangible incentives for consumers. GoMeat’s very own virtual world — the MeatyVerse is coming to your VR headsets in September 2022.

MeatyVerse offers much more than simply a space to be explored. Be it groceries, halal/kosher meat, or a meal from your favorite local restaurant, the MeatyVerse is your one-stop shop! Additionally, the MeatyVerse features fun interactive activities, NFTs and artwork, and discount coupons for your purchases, making it a worthwhile experience.

Shop for all your food needs or simply explore the MeatyVerse, enjoy the various activities or interact with other GoMeaters, simply log on to meatyverse.gomeat.io and experience the MeatyVerse.


With everything available under a single roof, the first GoMeat Store in MeatyVerse is the market of your dreams! It features an easy to navigate layout with isles and shelves featuring real-life products available on stores onboarded with GoMeat. Check prices of available items, buy them or simply look through. The store also features shortcuts to useful documents and links as well as NFTs and activities containing GoMeat facts and discount codes.

The MeatyVerse, with its complete features will be launched in September 2022. The Launch event will feature many activities for the customers including giveaways, discount codes and a chance to win exciting prizes!


  1. Buy groceries, meat or meals from your favorite local restaurants and have them delivered to your doorstep IRL.
  2. Enjoy mini-games and task-based activities to earn special discount coupons and vouchers, free meals and free delivery.
  3. Explore and buy NFT artwork designed by the GoMeat team.
  4. Interact and socialize with other users in the MeatyVerse.

Upcoming features:

  • Multi-Wallet integration
  • Custom Character builder
  • Multiple stores and hangouts areas
  • Multiplayer integration
  • Add and chat with your friends
  • Hangout and dine in with your friends at upcoming restaurants.

Today we are only unveiling the preview of MeatyVerse. A fully functional MeatyVerse will be operational and live by mid of September 2022. We are planning an exciting launch event for our community with many interesting surprises. Please watch out for announcement of the event on our social media.

HydraChain-Ethereum Bridge

We are excited to also announce that the Hydra Bridge has started operations and the first GOMT cross-chain swaps have been confirmed successfully!

Thanks to the cross-chain Hydra-Ethereum bridge developed by the Hydra block chain team, you can now trade your GOMT HRC 20 tokens with ERC 20 tokens and vice versa. You can access the application through the link: bridge.hydrachain.org & Find GOMT on Etherscan

This is a major development by the Hydra blockchain which has allowed the GoMeat token to be available to a larger Ethereum community, who can now easily interact with GOMT with only a few clicks. GoMeat team has deployed the smart contract on Ethereum. The smart contract is the same as HRC 20 contract, which is deployed on Hydra blockchain. It means that:

  • The total supply of GOMT token is the same as before i.e. 5 million, which will be locked in the Hydra cross-chain bridge.
  • The GOMT token is still a deflationary token, which means burning will be the same for both HRC 20 and ERC 20 GOMT tokens.

What value does this bridge bring to GoMeat?

  1. Cross-chain swaps
  2. Greater accessibility and interoperability
  3. Larger $GOMT liquidity
  4. A larger community

With greater interoperability and accessibility for a larger Ethereum community, GoMeat has opened many avenues of expansion and growth.

How to Swap your GOMT on the Bridge?

If you want to move over your Ethereum-based GOMT to the Hydra chain, you can easily do this with a few clicks. For this, you will need the following:

  • MetaMask Extension
  • Hydra Extension Wallet
  • And of course — Funds to Bridge!

Simply connect your two extension wallets with the Hydra Bridge interface and enter the amount you would like to swap. Also, make sure to enter the correct Hydra receiving address. Once you connect to your HYDRA wallet you can populate the field by clicking on the “Use my Hydra Address”

Once you verify the information, you will need to approve the swap transactions via your extension wallets. Since the swapping event requires action on both chains, you will need to approve multiple transactions (usually two).

You will know the transaction has been initiated when you see the “In Progress” status appearing together with a Tx Hash of the sent transfer.

Swapping from this moment onwards is automatic and even if you close the webpage should conclude the entire sequence.

You will know the sequence has been initiated once you see your transaction with status “Inactive” This indicates that the procedure of voting and burn/minting has not been concluded yet.

After another 2–3 minutes the votes should broadcast on both Hydra and Ethereum and you will see the status updated.

If for any reason you don’t see your transaction being swapped, you can reach out to Hydra Block Chain Team here, and they will look into the matter if, both of these criteria are met:

  • Funds are not received within 1 hour from the moment of initiating
  • Verified the transaction hash of the outward payment from the sending wallet

For more details on how your GOMT tokens are swapped on the bridge please check out this article.




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