Q2, 2022 UPDATES

The MeatyVerse

Over the past year, as the Metaverse has gained industry “buzzword” status, marketing initiatives have proliferated, but also blurred together. According to recent research by Vice Media Group and Razorfish, Generation Z spends twice as much time socializing in the Metaverse as they do in real life. Therefore, proving that the Metaverse is more than just a concept and is here to stay.


With everything available under a single roof, the first GoMeat Store in MeatyVerse is the market of your dreams! It features an easy to navigate layout with isles and shelves featuring real-life products available on stores onboarded with GoMeat. Check prices of available items, buy them or simply look through. The store also features shortcuts to useful documents and links as well as NFTs and activities containing GoMeat facts and discount codes.


  1. Buy groceries, meat or meals from your favorite local restaurants and have them delivered to your doorstep IRL.
  2. Enjoy mini-games and task-based activities to earn special discount coupons and vouchers, free meals and free delivery.
  3. Explore and buy NFT artwork designed by the GoMeat team.
  4. Interact and socialize with other users in the MeatyVerse.

Upcoming features:

  • Multi-Wallet integration
  • Custom Character builder
  • Multiple stores and hangouts areas
  • Multiplayer integration
  • Add and chat with your friends
  • Hangout and dine in with your friends at upcoming restaurants.

HydraChain-Ethereum Bridge

We are excited to also announce that the Hydra Bridge has started operations and the first GOMT cross-chain swaps have been confirmed successfully!

  • The GOMT token is still a deflationary token, which means burning will be the same for both HRC 20 and ERC 20 GOMT tokens.
  1. Greater accessibility and interoperability
  2. Larger $GOMT liquidity
  3. A larger community

How to Swap your GOMT on the Bridge?

If you want to move over your Ethereum-based GOMT to the Hydra chain, you can easily do this with a few clicks. For this, you will need the following:

  • Hydra Extension Wallet
  • And of course — Funds to Bridge!
  • Verified the transaction hash of the outward payment from the sending wallet



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