Uplifting specialty stores in the era of inclusivity and diversity — The need.

3 min readMay 16, 2021


To limit confusion and its vigorous growth let's start with

  • What are Speciality Stores?

A specialty store specializes in a single product category instead of stores that offer a wide range of consumer products. Specialty stores can have a substantial number of SKUs in their stores. However, all of their SKUs will fall under one of two product groups. This also means that such specialty stores also feel the impact of changes in the market a lot more than the other stores would.

In a nutshell, specialty stores have their focus on personalized shopping experiences and a focus on the customer.

  • What are “Diversity” and “Inclusion”?

Age, gender, color, faith, disability, nationality, national origin, marital, and socioeconomic status are all examples of diversity. An organization's willingness to value these distinctions such that different people are embraced, encouraged, experience a sense of belonging, and treated fairly is referred to as inclusion.

  • Uplifting Speciality Stores? What’s the need?

Small-business owners are passionate about what they do and play a vital part in their communities. They provide the feeling of home away from home. They value their relationships with each and every one of their clients. To uplift their means to assist them in gaining revenue and staying operational.

Challenges that most small businesses face include balancing quality along with growth, raising awareness, money management as well as client and founder dependence.

Small businesses face most of these problems during their first three years of operation. Others are more difficult to tackle than others, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small firms fail during their first year. At the end of their fifth year, half of them have failed, and by the tenth year, the numbers go up to 80%.

However, with your support, you are actually helping the regional economy by supporting a small enterprise. Spending money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep local businesses thriving. These small businesses contribute to the creation and maintenance of employment, as well as keeping the city lively and bustling with shoppers and visitors. A small-business owner values community patronage greatly, and they also love repaying the favor by engaging in fundraisers and hosting special activities to express their gratitude. When it comes to buying from and running a small enterprise, neighborhood engagement goes both directions. Any buy made by these businesses lets the business owner pay their employees, keep the lights on, and feed their families.

As for within the halal and kosher meat industry, these small businesses ensure that their products are geared towards other Muslims and Jews. Hence, purchasing from these stores means we are buying products that were specially made keeping these groups in mind this not only supports their religious beliefs but also helps create a sense of belonging for them too.

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