Why GoMeat chose to build on HydraChain

GoMeat operates in the niche area of specialty meat (halal and kosher) and one of the reasons it came into existence was that none of the food ordering and delivery services are offering halal / Kosher meat delivery. With this $1.7 trillion market globally and $32 billion market in the US only, there is a huge vacuum as this segment has not yet become noticeable. Our biggest challenge still remains the adoption and scale-like how fast we can scale where we become irreplaceable. There is a constant review of features and we continue to enhance our tech platform.

Blockchain is a clear differentiator providing transparency and traceability — as of now we have 4500+ customers and we plan to take our consumer base to at least 150,000 by 2025. Our primary Blockchain use case is to make the specialty meat industry transparent and traceable. GoMeat was envisioned to be built upon an infrastructure that facilitates stores and certification boards. So, we needed a chain that is closest to our model. HydraChain stands out as our clear choice due to the following key reasons:

  • HydraChain provides a low and predictable transaction fee. Traditionally, transaction fees are highly volatile and can mean the death of a business. HydraChain provides gas price predictability through a node governed mechanism and its binding to a fiat value.
  • HydraChain is highly scalable and also offers a UTXO accounting model that allows a single wallet to have multiple addresses. A user can send out hundreds of transactions from the same wallet simultaneously.
  • HydraChain offers gas royalty for businesses, an incentive for smart contract creators which is not available on traditional chains — while we grow our business on the chain, we will be rewarded based on our transactional economy.
  • And the key reason is that GoMeat is one of the early projects on HydraChain and we are getting strong advisory support not only from HydraChain but also from the growing Hydra community. Our phenomenal advisor Florian Pfeiffer is a part of HydraChain.

Here’s what Nikola Alexandrov, the CEO & Founder of Hydrachain & Locktrip himself had to say about GoMeat:

“Excited to welcome GoMeat’s team into the Hydra ecosystem. Their motivation and skills are impressive and I am looking forward to seeing their token economy in action.”

We believe that GoMeat and HydraChain’s visions are aligned and with mutual interests, benefits and great support from the HydraChain team the GoMeat project will be a great success.

Thanks to our wonderful GoMeat family, just 2 weeks into our pre-sale, we reached over 25% of the soft cap and are quickly selling out! Hurry up and grab your share of GOMT now:


Empowering the Specialty Meat Industry 🚀🌕




Empowering The Specialty Meat Industry! The first specialty meat & grocery ordering service.

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Empowering The Specialty Meat Industry! The first specialty meat & grocery ordering service.

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